Welcome to the first edition of our European Multifamily Housing Report, where we bring you a snapshot of the residential property market across various European cities.

The rapid rise in multifamily housing (MFH) as an asset class across Europe has been underpinned by growth in the wide private rental sector (PRS). In Europe 31% of households now live in PRS, up from 26% over the last decade.

This compelling investment has remained resilient in the face of the pandemic and is making up an increasing share of total commercial real estate investment. But, no two European markets are the same, each country and city is at a different stage of its evolution.

In this report we compare and contrast the MFH landscape in 18 countries and 40 cities, providing an easy to digest overview of the major European markets.

European Multifamily Housing Webinar

In this webinar a panel of experts from across Europe share insights from the report. 


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