Your workplace is a dynamic and flexible asset capable of driving people and business performance

We believe your workplace is an incubator for ideas and innovation, an enabler of work, an experience for your employees and customers and a symbol to the outside of what you believe in and stand for. We believe in a holistic approach. In order to understand you and your company, we perform the following:

  • Complex company analysis to understand your needs, goals, wishes and ambition

  • Building analysis to understand the limits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses

  • Workplace Utilization Study and On-line Workplace Experience Survey to get an insight on employee behaviour and work patterns
  • Innovative and tailor-made workplace concept design
  • Spatial and Functional Programming to get comprehensive overview about the required space and its characteristics for each primary (team) and ancillary zone
  • Zoning & Stacking Layouts for a better understanding of the space distribution, its mutual position and relationships. This can be understood as a visual interpretation of the Programming
  • Change management and employee engagement activities to achieve the smooth acceptance and adoption of the new environment and way of working

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