Residential real estate around the globe is ranked among the most desired sectors for real estate investment. We see the investors’ focus is already shifting from the most popular investment types, such as retail or office, towards multifamily housing.

What is Multifamily Housing?

Multifamily or Build to Rent (also known as BTR) is the term used to describe institutional investment grade quality housing,
purpose-built residential accommodation and associated amenities built specifically for
long-term rental, managed and serviced in an institutional manner by an institutional landlord, let out to a specific target demographic of residential tenants.

Multifamily in the Czech Republic

The Czech market is historically owner-oriented, however, we see a shift in living requirements driven by urbanization, socio-demographic changes, and affordability. There is a rise in the development of the institutional multifamily residential market at affordable price levels.
Developers aim to provide sustainable ways of living that meet current and future resident requirements.

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How can we help you?

CBRE is the #1 Multifamily advisor globally, with a deep knowledge of international trends and a dedicated, experienced team. Thanks to our support, our clients can make well-informed, real-time strategic and tactical decisions in this rapidly expanding sector. From dedicated research and data analysis, to financial modelling and design expertise, our teams draw on a broad range of knowledge and experience to empower clients to make fully informed investment decisions.

Scope of services can include:

  • Detailed financial model and pricing recommendation
  • In-depth research and demographic report
  • Amenity provision and location with key future proofing considerations
  • Insight into management and operational requirements
  • Internal design advice and typical unit layout from in-house architects
  • Overall officiency optimization of the scheme