Who do I contact if I need help? 
Please contact our dedicated Global Research Gateway Helpdesk
What is the Global Research Gateway?
The Global Research Gateway is the public 'window' into CBRE Research, providing a single point of access for presenting research resources, outputs, tools and regional research websites across the globe. It also enables our users to search for, and retrieve, our publicly available research reports, and other outputs, via a powerful search interface.



Why do I have to register to view CBRE Research and what are the benefits?
Requiring registrations allows us to safeguard our knowledge and serve our users better, by offering additional services to those users who register. Requiring registration also enables us to track usage, which allows us to evaluate which outputs are most read by our users. Understanding the preferences of our users allows us to cater our future outputs and our priorities to the topics and outputs that are most valuable to our users. As such, tracking usage will allow us to direct our efforts more closely to topics of interest to our clients.
Once registered, you may directly download/view CBRE Research on subsequent visits to the GRG, via the use of cookies*. The additional benefits gained by registering include: allowing you to save search criteria and email-alerts. Registering also grants you a Global Research Gateway account or MyGateway area, where a list of My Reports is displayed showing your preferred outputs, as set in your email alerts.
Can I access the Global Research Gateway without registering?
We require all users to register in order to view our research.
However, if you are a CBRE client you may still receive mailings from us containing Research outputs. These outputs can be opened and downloaded, without first registering/logging in, but such outputs will be accessible only for a limited time. Such time limits vary from output to output.

Having trouble viewing our Market Reports?


Pop-up blocking
The most common cause for our market reports not opening is that your local web browser has a 'pop-up blocker' enabled.  This is a standard feature which prevents unwanted pop-up windows opening. As our pdf reports do open in a new window, we recommend that you check your local browser's settings. Read more in the links below:
- Safari 
If you have successfully registered for a CBRE Gateway account, but are being prompted to login each time you click upon one of our reports this is because your browser has been set not to store cookies. (The purpose of cookies is to remember who you are: to prevent you from having to 'log-in' each time to your account. The cookie does not store any other personal information, outside of your login details). We recommend that you check your local browser’s settings. Read more in the links below:
Read more about CBRE's cookie policy.
For further help, please contact [email protected]. One of our professionals will work with you to resolve any issues.

Managing My Account


How do I set my Email Alerts?
Once you have registered, you will see a Set Email Alert column in your search results box (the far right hand column). To set up an email alert for notification when a particular CBRE Research output is published:
- Place a tick in the Set Email Alerts box for the report(s) you wish to be alerted about
- Click upon Save Email Alerts
- A pop up box stating Email Alerts saved successfully will appear
- Your alert has been set up
How frequently will I receive my Email Alerts?
Email Alerts will be issued once a week and will contain those CBRE Research outputs which match your preferences. Please note that report release dates and periodicity vary. Periodicity is indicated in the Frequency column of Search Results.
How do I amend my Email Alerts?
You may amend your alerts in the MyGateway section of your account pages. The final column in the Manage MyGateway Documents table is entitled View. These links allow you to view or amend the search criteria which you selected, to set up an Email Alert via the Expanded Search. Clicking upon the View link places your chosen criteria into the Expanded Search screen, where you may amend the criteria. Please note that although Email Alerts may be set up via Quick Search, alerts set up through Quick Search may not be 'viewed' nor amended from the MyGateway screen. This functionality is only available for Alerts set up via the Expanded Search screen.
Is there a limit to the number of email alerts which I can set up?
You may set up as many as you wish.
How do I cancel my email alerts?
Your alerts may be cancelled, or amended, at any time via the MyGateway section of your account pages.
- Place a tick in the Remove from Email Subscriptions box, next to the report which you wish to remove
- Click upon Save Changes
- The Output has been removed
How can I change my personal details?
Your may change your details at any time by visiting the Manage My Details section in the MyGateway section of your account pages.
How do I change my email address?
We use email as a unique identifier.  If your email address changes, please register with us again.
What do I do if I've forgotten my password, or wish to re-set it?
Use the Forgotten/Reset Password link.  If you continue to experience technical issues, please contact the Global Research Gateway Helpdesk.  One of our Support Team will reply to resolve any issues for you.
Why do we use cookies?
We use a technical device, called cookies, when you access our site. The main purpose of these cookies is to remember who you are: to prevent you from having to 'log-in' each time to your account. The cookie does not store any other personal information, outside of your login details.
Read more about CBRE's cookie policy



How do I find CBRE Research outputs?
The Global Research Gateway contains a powerful Search Engine, which has been custom built to deliver accurate results. There is a Quick Search, where you may search by entering free text keywords/locations/sectors. You may also add a sector limiter by clicking in the one of the Limit to boxes, located underneath the Quick Search box.
An Expanded Search allows you to build a detailed search, by combining coverage selections of pan-regional and pan-global coverage, as well as specific regions/ countries/ markets with locations, sectors, keywords. Pan-coverage reports may be retrieved by ticking the appropriate Global and Pan Regional Coverage box, adjacent to the map in Expanded Search. If you tick one of these coverage boxes the coverage option(s), which you have selected, will populate in the Select Select Pan-Region/Country search box below. For example, ticking Pan EMEA wide reports, will place Pan EMEA into the Select Pan-Region/Country field and once Search is clicked, Pan EMEA reports will be retrieved.
How do I get tips on searching
Use the green'?' icons next to the sections of the Search screens. These provide tips on how to search.
What are the "About Real Estate" outputs?
About Real Estate articles are weekly reports, which are highlighted on the Homepage of the Global Research Gateway. These outputs are one of many in which CBRE provides insight on the latest trends in real estate.
How do the keywords work?
Keywords appear as auto suggestions in Quick Search and are also listed in Expanded Search. They are dependent upon your selected Region/Country/Market. In other words, only keywords relating to your selected Region/Country/Market are shown as options.
How do I save my searches?
- Using the Expanded Search screen, select the criteria that you wish to search upon
- Click on Save Search
- In the pop up box of Saved Searches, give your saved search a name of your choosing
- Click on Save Search
- The search is then saved and included in the listing of your Saved Searches
- Click on the name of your Saved Search to generate the list of Search Results
- To delete, click upon the Delete link to the right of your saved search


How do I view videos?
By clicking on the title of the video, via search results or via a link directly on a page, will prompt the video to play within your browser, in a dedicated pop-up window. Note that if you are not already logged in, you may be prompted to do so prior to viewing the video. Please ensure that your browser is not set to block pop-ups. If you are unsure how to turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker, please contact our Global Research Gateway Helpdesk.



Who do I contact if I need help?
Please contact our dedicated Global Research Gateway Helpdesk