Stay in the current space or move to new offices? We asked ourselves this question at the beginning of 2020. Thanks to our thorough analysis, the option to stay and reconstruct our existing premises to reflect current trends in the workplace won. With the introduction of the hybrid work model, CBRE employees can now use the so-called Library - a place for focused work and our Co-working space, which is ideal for meeting colleagues. Let's see how this transformation turned out.

The workplace strategy begins with a thorough analysis

As part of the office reconstruction project, we tested the complex services we otherwise provide to our clients. From negotiating leasing terms, through the workplace strategy, to the supervision of construction activities. Filip Muška, our Workplace Strategies Lead, talks in the video below about what preceded the implementation of the new offices, what requirements the employees had, and what his team came up with. 


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Sustainablity as one of the goals of the reconstruction

Sustainability was crucial throughout the project. As we know, the construction and operation of real estate contribute approximately 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions and we could not overlook this issue. Our services are based on the concept of ESG, socially and environmentally responsible corporate governance. As part of our reconstruction, we focused on the following three categories:

Energy and light

Using only green energy
Economical LED lighting
Reduction of emissions due to a larger share of work carried out from home

Air and workplace

Quality acoustics
Air quality measurement with greater control

Use of products from local suppliers and sustainable materials

Comfort in the office

Rest areas
Blue light filters
Variability of working spaces

Reconstruction process

Take a look at the progress of the reconstruction itself - from bare walls to design spaces that every employee will appreciate. 


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Project management

Architecture & Design

Wellbeing & Sustainability