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Everything comes with a price – including the future of the real estate sector

For the CRE industry to scale up the sustainability agenda, a business case around sustainable buildings needs to be clear.

Can investing into greening our logistics building stock offer additional value protection in uncertain times?

In our new research report, we look at eleven European markets to explore the relationship between BREEAM sustainability certification, logistics yields and rents achieved.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and Real Estate Assets

What has started as a voluntary set of recommendations has evolved into a regulatory framework used across the globe.

Is Sustainability Certification in Real Estate Worth it?

Our latest research finds that certified buildings command higher rental levels and lower vacancy rates. Read the full report to understand the relationship between sustainability certifications and rents achieved.

The Future of Sustainability Standards

Sustainability standards are continually evolving. But how do we know which ones will really make a difference, and which ones should be adopted by real estate decision makers for reporting and analysis?

VIEWPOINT | European Green Deal and its Implications for Commercial Real Estate

Transition to zero-carbon is much more than underwriting and investments into green assets. To achieve zero­carbon, substantial financing will be needed to help carbon intensive assets transition to green.

Sustainability in Real Estate Decision-Making: Views from the Coal Face

In September, CBRE’s research team conducted a survey of over 200 UK clients to establish the ‘state of play’ on the full range of environmental and social sustainability issues which the real estate industry is being asked to tackle.

ESG and Real Estate: The Top 10 Things Investors Need to Know

CBRE Global Research identifies 10 of the most important current ESG considerations for real estate investors and reviews the latest industry trends, innovations and regulatory requirements across these categories.

Real Estate's Role in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Agenda

A convergence of global challenges has heightened focus on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues on a whole new scale.

Sustainability and Climate Risk: What can we learn from the Nordics?

Nordic countries are often considered frontrunners in sustainability and their capital cities are likewise consistently listed as leaders in sustainable urban development, focusing on long-term resilience even when navigating through short-term change.

9 Key Trends Influencing Investor Strategies in 2021 & Beyond

As the global economy bounces back from the pandemic-induced downturn, commercial real estate investors are looking to 2021 and beyond as period of high growth—and substantive change.

The Greener Path: Operational Strategies for a More Sustainable Data Center

Due to increasing demand and energy consumption, data centers are in the ESG spotlight like never before.

Sustainability Starts with Energy Management

With research showing that the physical risk from climate change will continue to accelerate unless the world achieves net-zero emissions by 2050, no business can afford to hesitate on the path toward this mission-critical ESG goal.

The Electric Vehicle Revolution Is Here: Are You Plugged In?

Over the past decade, electric cars have evolved from a niche novelty to a common sight in most major U.S. cities.

Up on the Roof: How Altus Power is Expanding Solar Power for Commercial Real Estate

As companies adopt more ambitious ESG goals, Altus Power Co-CEO Lars Norell joins Spencer Levy to discuss the role that solar power plays in helping to forge sustainable energy solutions at commercial properties.

The Future of Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability Doesn’t Stop with Energy Management.

ESG: A New Name for a Recurring Issue, and No Less Tricky

CBRE Research is constantly being asked: what actually is ESG and where is the value in it?

Is Green Cement Making Concrete Progress?

With the built environment responsible for 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint, there is an increasing acceptance that in order to reach these targets, the way in which we build needs to change.

Is Climate Change Modular Housing’s Ace Card?

If achieved, the government’s ambitious target to cut emissions by 78% by 2035 will transform the built environment, especially the homes that we live in.

Our Commitments

CBRE Commits to Net Zero By 2040

As a part of its 2040 net-zero emissions strategy, CBRE signed The Climate Pledge, a commitment to achieving net-zero carbon 10 years ahead of the goal stated in the Paris Agreement.

CBRE Sponsors Half Earth Day

The built environment has a big role to play in ensuring species survival and greater biodiversity. As part of our ongoing commitment to #sustainability, we are proudly sponsoring Half-Earth Day.

CBRE Corporate Responsibility Report

Highlighting our ongoing efforts to support people and the planet through sound business practices.

Accessing ESG experts in each of our clients’ markets

As the leading company in the real estate sector, at CBRE we take into consideration the impact our business has on our ecosystem.

Our Ecovadis Gold performance medal

EcoVadis helps us manage our network both upstream and downstream, either by sharing our performance with our stakeholders and monitoring the performance of our own upstream value chain.

Our Net Zero Carbon strategy

As a business we are deeply concerned by the climate emergency and care strongly about the part we can play in improving it.

Our sustainable offices

By the end of 2020, we had opened 90 Workplace360 offices worldwide, representing 40% of our global occupied space.

Client Insights

CBRE Client Interview: Lorna Walker, COO & Head of ESG, Modomo

CBRE Client Interview: Lorna Walker, COO & Head of ESG, Modomo

Hear from Lorna Walker, COO and Head of ESG at Modomo, on how we worked with them to develop an integrated ESG strategy and create a roadmap to B-Corp certification.
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Case Study: LEED V4.1 O+M Certification

In the business area of Assago Milanofiori (Milan, Italy), Savills Investment Management signed a green loan regarding the U4 building, with a commitment aimed at improving the ESG credentials of the portfolio, which was compliant with the green loan principles.

CBRE Dutch Office Fund First Real Estate Fund in Europe to Achieve a WELL Portfolio Score in Health and Wellbeing

CBRE Global Investors has achieved a WELL Portfolio Score of 43 for its CBRE Dutch Office Fund, making it the first real estate investment fund in Europe to earn a score for implementing health and well-being strategies through a portfolio-wide approach.