June 20, 2019

> Dvě kancelářské budovy, které CBRE spravuje, patří do realitního portfolia REICO investiční společnosti České spořitelny. S Janem Lovětínským, Head of Reico Asset Management – Commercial, jsme hovořili o jeho spokojenosti se službami, které CBRE poskytuje a vůbec o tom, jak se s námi spolupracuje.<br>
Co vás napadne, když se řekne CBRE?<br>
<span style=City Tower and QubixThe two office buildings which CBRE represents, both are part of REICO's real estate portfolio. We talked with Jan Lovětínský, the Head of Reico Asset Management - Commercial, about his satisfaction with CBRE's services and how it is to work with us.

What comes to your mind when you think of CBRE?

A very strong international real estate provider, a very large organization, a very robust organization, with a very strong agency team, and generally, a very strong brand.

Why did you choose to work with CBRE in your country?

We have started the cooperation at first in Slovakia based on a very strong presentation followed by very good results. And for that reason, we have followed in the Czech Republic with our flagship building. And the reason again was a very convincing and strong presentation followed by a satisfactory result. And I would say, again, the agency aspect was very strong.

How did we perform? Did we add value to your business? How?

Yes, the performance is definitely there and most added value for us is very strong cooperation on your end, between the leasing manager and the building consultancy department. I think that we really appreciate knowing that the whole package of leasing is being taken care of.

Do you feel there is a difference between CBRE and our competitors? How are we different in your eyes?

It is a little bit tough question because there are differences when it comes to each country, each segment I would say, and it would require a longer discussion to try to speak about each one individually. But overall, overall, I would say that it is quite a standard delivery of services.

Which aspects of our service would you like us to improve?

At this moment, I do not have any demands for improvement.

Which new service or tools would you like us to provide you with?

Again, I believe that we are being provided more or less with all that we request. Perhaps more market data or market research or presentations on a regular basis, something which we could rely on.

Would you use CBRE again or recommend us to others? Why or why not?

Yes, we will surely use CBRE again and we do recommend CBRE generally, yes.

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City Tower and Qubix