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Filip Muška

Project Manager

Filip Muška

T: +420 246 085 641

Karel Loupal

Junior Project Manager

Karel Loupal

T: 420 246 085 585

About us:

Today´s workplace has its shortcomings. Most offices are under-utilized and therefore lack energy and inspiration. Some simple processes and activities can be better supported. New technology has an impact on the way we work and communicate and the workplace should support that. Collaboration is key and offices shall therefore stimulate knowledge sharing.

Workplace Consultancy is the process to properly identify the needed qualitative and quantitative spatial requirements, based on the business drivers of the organization. We see an opportunity to create a good quality accommodation that works as a strategic asset for your organization. The world is changing, the way we work is changing and therefore workplaces change. Every office concept is tailor made and suits the specific work processes and drivers of every unique organization.

Workplace Consultancy Services helps office occupiers to realize better organization and team working, more cooperation and collaboration, workplace connectivity and efficiency, save space and save money.

What we will help you with:

  • Defining the right office concept optimally supporting your organization´s strategic goals
  • Detailing your qualitative and quantative spatial and functional schedule of requirements
  • Identifying the most suitable office building within which your office concept can be best implemented
  • Preparing a testfit (functional layout) of the office space
  • Change management in case of implementation of an innovative office concept

Our role in your project

We are your strategic partner to define and implement the right office concept which will optimally support your organization´s strategic goals. Through careful analysis, interviews and occupancy measurements we prepare the starting points for your new office concept. In close cooperation with you we agree on leading principles which shape the blueprint office concept and provide the input for agreeing on your required spatial and fucntional schedule of requirements. The outcome will be that you will know exactly what office space you need and which criteria shall be met. This will significantly assist you with your building selection and provide all the required input for the design of your office space. Finally, we support you with your change management program in case you decide to implement an innovative office concept which will ensure that the new way of working will be as widely as possible accepted and successfully implemented.

Integrated services

  • Tenant representation services and Global Corporate Services
  • Building Consultancy Services
  • Office Agency

Why cooperate with CBRE?

  • „One-stop-shop“: integrated office occupier solutions including transaction and project management
  • 60 workplace consultants active across Europe
  • More than 10 years active in workplace strategy and design
  • Deep know-how of international trends in workplace concepts and design
  • Proven track record
  • Leading by example


Global Euromoney Real Estate Awards 2013: Global Advisory and Consultancy Overall

Our team:

Bert Hesselink, Head of Workplace Consultancy Services
Karel Loupal, Junior Project Manager
Filip Muška, Project Manager


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