Veronika Tebichová
Head of Retail Agency


Tomáš Beránek
Associate Director, High Street and Tenant Representation

About us

We offer specialist consulting services to landlords as well as occupiers. Thanks to the multinational background and extensive knowledge we have at our disposal thorough knowledge of the current situation on the market, including expected trends. We offer professional consultancy covering all aspects of the retail real estate market. We have wide experience in the area of new developments as well as existing shopping centres.

Our offer / What we will help you with:

  • Leasing
  • Search for suitable spaces
  • Market consultancy in the area of leasing
  • Consultancy in the area of strategy and development
  • Consultancy relating to design and floor plan
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Market research
  • Extensive experience in renegotiations

Our role in your project

We will help you find the most suitable spaces for your business. We share our detailed knowledge of the local market with you and we will be your partner in defining the strategy and development. We will advise you on designing retail space and utilizing the existing floor plan to the maximum extent possible. We have long-time experience in negotiations with occupiers. We are well informed about the performance of retail occupiers. Thanks to the aforementioned, we are the largest administrator of retail spaces in the Czech Republic.

Selected references

  • Campus Brno
  • Brno Královo Pole
  • Varyáda Karlovy Vary
  • Nisa Liberec
  • Slovanský Dům
  • Palladium
  • Bondy MB
  • Futurum Kolín
  • Krakov

Did you know that...

… we are the largest manager of retail spaces in the Czech Republic.

… we are responsible for the management of 500,000 sq m of floor area in 15 shopping centres.

… in 2015 we completed 177 transactions (32,000 sq. m.).

Our team:

Veronika Tebichová, Associate Director, Head of Retail Agency

Aleš Nečas,  Senior Leasing Consultant
Radana Boudná, Leasing Consultant
Naďa Kryglová, Leasing Consultant

Tomáš Beránek, Associate Director, High Street and Tenant Representation

Tomáš Krejcar, Consultant


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